are professional athletes treated differently

Professional athletes should not be treated any differently than other professionals. In no other profession does a person face an automatic lifetime ban

27 Aug 2009 Athletes shouldn't be treated differently than anyone else. However, professional sports are talent based. If an athlete is capable of

Professional athletes are generally covered under workers' compensation and Such celebrities...entertainers are treated differently from other highly

25 Feb 2009 On the subject of athletes being treated differently , it's probably So a seemingly small thing done by a professional athlete can impact

For example, female athletes profiled in major sports publications seem to be However, from the very outset, the reader is treated to the simultaneous .... However, it does seem pretty clear that women are presented differently to

6 Mar 2008 Professional athletes are treated differently than non-famous steroid users too. Usually, the government targets steroid distributors and

13 Apr 2009 If opening day is the best day of the year for professional athletes , it's no secret that athletes are treated differently from other

12 Aug 2010 Success - The Professional Athlete Business Blog Why should these two men be treated differently and why should one continue on with his

The language making professional athletes a special class treated ...good reason to treat professional athletes differently from other workers, since the NFL

6 Jul 2010 Are Celebrities and Athletes Treated Differently ? Legally Speaking. Do you think Professional Athletes and Celebrities get off easy?

17 Jan 2009 Athletes often believe they are immune to the rules and laws the rest and professional athletes are treated no differently than anyone else.

6 May 2009 So Why Is Brett Favre Treated Differently From Fellow Diva ..... Are these the only 2 professional athletes to put themselves in front of

1 Jul 2009 Professional athletes in other sports have acknowledged Mental illness is treated "no differently " than physical injury, he said.

7 May 2009 Why Are Athletes Treated Differently Than Other Celebrities? By JERé LONGMAN. Once again, a baseball player has tested positive for a banned

23 Nov 2004 "Typically, athletes we have treated have not been by and large any different from executives or anyone else we've treated ."