color treated diamond

identifying color enhanced diamonds . hpht treated diamonds . Fourier transform spectroscopy (FTIR) and Raman spectroscopy are used to analyze the visible and

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewOne can just speculate about the background of this treated diamond , since the very brownish color of this diamond was not really appealing and certainly

1 Feb 2009 However, the recent study of a pink color - treated diamond shows, The color zoning of this treated diamond is very different from that

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A diamond's color —or lack of color —is one of the components that affects its value. Diamonds with the least amount of color , graded D, E, and F,

6 Feb 2007 For example, diamonds can be color - treated by a process involving irradiation and intense heat, resulting in affordable, yet beautifully

Many of the blue diamonds seen in the jewelry business are enhanced or color treated . Their sparkle and brilliance is amazing! They are gorgeous in person

Diamonds treated to remove their color by General Electric are given laser inscriptions on their girdles: these inscriptions read "GE POL",

Diamond Color advice for the diamond buyer. Explains what color on a diamond will look the best in every situation.

Recently, we have seen HPHT color treated diamonds with vibrant yellowish green, The facts about High Pressure High Temperature color treated diamonds :

This is a 0. 43Ct princess cut white diamond the diamond has it's own natural colour and was never treated at any kind of way.... Classification: Diamond

Dutton's Diamonds does not sell, or deal in diamonds that are color enhanced in any way, so you can be assured that you will not receive an artificially

11 Feb 2005 Ok, I bought a diamond from an online seller who claimed the diamonds were vvs2 clarity and E color and that they were nor only clarity

Many people are starting to favor the fancy, vividly colorful diamond gem stones over the traditional transparent, or white, diamond. Color Treated Diamonds

9 Oct 2008 A color treated diamond and diamond ring. the pear-shaped brown-pink diamond, weighing 7.00 carats, within a two-tiered surround of round