dog hides treat

5 Nov 2009 Many dogs do this is instint,like when dogs hide bones outside to her while she is doing the actual hiding, she will get the treat and

17 Jan 2010 The family changed her into an outside dog when she began hiding under beds but I would treat every day together like it was our last.

Develop your dog's intelligence with these challenging puzzle toys. I even hide their treats in the bird house and they find them in there too.

Then when that level has been achieved, move the dog to another room, hide the treat , let dog sniff your hand and send to "find it". Give lots of praise.

Rawhide bones - rawhide chew treats - dog rawhides - what are they? .... Clear Basted American Beef- hide has the flavor your dog wants and is safe for your

31 Dec 2009 How to Hide Medicine in Dog Treats. Dogs are pretty sneaky when it comes to taking medication. Just when you think you've put the pill down

7 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 6 Mar 2009my dog keeps hiding in corners Behaviour & training. My dog hides when he isn't feeling well. Last time he did it, he had pulled a

23 Jun 2009 My Dog Hides Under The Bed And He Tries To Bite Me When I Retrieve Him. Posted on 23 June 2009 by Spike. If you're new here, you may want to

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5 Jan 1997 I put my dogs on a "down" stay then I put treats in a variety of hiding places. They have to wait until I'm all done hiding them.

19 Nov 2007 New dog likes to hide under a bed - we need to put something under the Put a couple of chews or treats in there with some comfy blankets

10 Jan 2008 loves the treats we give her when she goes out to the backyard to pee by herself, .... Why does my dog hide under the bed when I leave?

18 posts - 16 authors - Last post: 16 May 2006Our dog ...Daisy does the hiding thing also......hilarious....only one small difference....When we give her a treat (greenie's,

Repeat this, varying where you put the treat . Next time, " hide " the treat where the dog can't see it, but she can see you putting it there (behind a piece

20 Jul 2007 My dog hides out under the bed a lot Dog Behavior. I had a guest dog here who also sought solice under the bed. My conclusion based on