how to treat bog spavins

If lameness persists more than a few days, a veterinarian should treat splints. Bog spavin and thoroughpin. Bog spavins are soft swellings on the

10 posts - 4 authors - Last post: 28 MayDoes anyone have a horse with a bog spavin ? Are you still able show your horse, if so at what level? How do you treat a bog spavin ?

3 posts - 2 authors - Last post: 21 Apr 2008Does anyone know how to treat bog spavin please. My pony is 11 he has allways been completley sound until now. He is out on loan currently

To treat this condition the affected joint is rested. Medication is used to counteract Adding vitamins and minerals to the diet may relieve bog spavin .

20 May 2000 How do I treat this? Can I continue racing him? What is the difference between bog spavin and bone spavin? Danny Jamieson Farmington, NM

Hi - I also have an older horse and he has bone spavin in his hock - I treat him with Danilon - a kinder alternative to bute, but I would strongly recommend

17 posts - 11 authors - Last post: 9 Jun 2005It was a good idea to do the x-rays regardless though, as my mare had Bog Spavin , which we treated conservatively for months, and it turned

Hi I'm new to the boards and wanted to know if any of you knew a good way to treat bog spavins . My horses name is Tealc and he's about 8 years old,

15 Sep 2009 Wondering can a horse stay sound with a bog Spavin or will it be a life time issue to treat or deal with? BettyBootsy is offline

Treating bone spavin . Dr Sue Dyson FRCVS. 27 September, 2005. If a horse is suffering from bone spavin , then the management of pain is the primary course

An equine bog spavin is a soft swelling on the front of the horse's hock which does not Bog Spavins Usually appear in horse with weak hock conformation.

Possibly the best treatment available in the world to treat horse lameness, .... laminitis, bone spavin, bog spavin , carpitis, splints, curb, shoe boils,

27 Jul 2010 Tiludronate, marketed as Tildren by the French company CEVA, has been used to treat bone spavin successfully in Europe for several years.

Ask your vet. they can treat them and see if it is actually abog spaving. it depends on the stage of it and how bad it is. Some of them you can't treat ,

Bog spavin is a joint disease of horses. It involves a swelling in one How to treat urinary blockages in neutered male cats · When do dogs go into heat?