how to treat a sinus cold

9 Oct 2006 I thought it was a cold til it lasted this long. Does anyone know how to treat it from home or anything about sinus infections? Thanky ou!

18 posts - 2 authors - Last post: 6 SepThe main things I found to treat a sinus infection was steaming my sinuses ( for 5 days hit with a cold and a sinus infection.

25 Nov 2005 Is it a sinus infection? Or does your child just have a cold ? should make it easier to diagnose and treat sinus infections in children.

19 Aug 2010 When the sinus openings become blocked or too much mucus builds up, sinusitis in adults usually follow a cold that does not improve, .... The best way to prevent sinusitis is to avoid or quickly treat flus and colds:

Inflammation of the sinuses or a sinus , especially in the nasal region. Acute sinusitis, usually due to infections such as the common cold , causes localized pain and .... Antibiotic medications are used to treat acute sinusitis .

15 Jan 2009 The main difference between cold symptoms and sinus infections is how long Next Page: How to treat a sinus infection. 12 · Next Page

Treat your child's specific symptoms. If your child simply has a bad cough, but no nasal congestion, then you don't need a fancy combination cough and cold

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Has your cold or allergies turned into a sinus infection. Learn more about sinusitis, Health Solutions From Our Sponsors. Hard-to- Treat Depression?

Sinusitis occurs when the mucous membranes in your nose and sinuses become irritated by a cold , allergy, pollutants or exposure to dry or cold air.

Both the cold and the sinus inflammation usually go away without treatment in 2 ..... of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to treat cold and flu symptoms.

Each group has specific homeopathic remedies that will help to treat your It may be caused by a cold or allergies, which cause the sinuses to become

7 Jun 2008 Try to treat a cold as soon as you get it. Lingering colds may make conditions right for a sinus infection. Use zinc supplements to help

We only use them to treat the secondary bacterial infections that can complicate a cold . When Should I Call the Office? Sinus , ear and lung infections

I just got over a nasty cold and now my sinuses are starting to hurt, are there any home or over the counter products that I can use to avoid getting a