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17 Sep 2010 Chomp Pit'r Pat Liver Flavored Cat Breath Fresheners 0.43-oz tin. Pit'r Pat Liver Flavored Cat Breath Fresheners are fun fish-shaped treats

Cat Treat Ball. This is an interactive toy that dispenses food and treats as it rolls across Pit 'r Pat . Mini fish-shaped breath fresheners in a tin.

30 Jun 2007 Freshen Your Cat's Breath with Tasty Pit'r Pat Cat Mints.

Banish fish breath with Pit'r Pat Breath Fresheners for Cats . Cats love the liver flavor of these fun fish shaped mints and you'll appreciate the natural

Cats How to Hold Them off Your Garden Safely You could be the major cat lover in the pit r pat cat treats , but that doesn't necessarily hateful that you

Chomps cat candy makes even the most finicky of felines go crazy. Cats even stoop to begging like dogs and try to attack the tins! Pitr Pat are irresistible

Pitr pat cat treats - 78 results from 43 stores, including Chomp Pit'r Pat Breath Treats - Liver Flavor: 0.43 oz, Chomp Pit'r Pat Breath Treats - Chicken

PetHINTS, PetMall, cat products, cat , cats, dog products, dog supplies, dog, dogs, Tiger loves Pit'r Pats and looks forward to his evening treat .

"My two cats love your Pit'r Pat treats .¬ It has changed their lives. haha. The day I bought your Pit'r Pat for my cats I gave them each one and then placed

Pit'r Pat Cat Breath Treats . Index > Cat Supplies > Treats > Pit'r Pat Cat Breath Treats Advance Cat Total Wellb Fish 3kg $33.90. Frontline Spray 100ml

17 Aug 2005 Pit'r Pat fish-shaped treats are totally irresistible -- they turn cats into kittens (and help freshen breath too!).

 29 reviewsPETCO.com product reviews and customer ratings for Pit'r Pat Fresh Breath Cat Treats . Read and compare experiences customers have had with Chomp products.

Pit'r Pat Candy for Cats. Pit'r Pat Cat Treats - the breath fresheners for cats. Pit'r. Click to enlarge. Price: $7.25 AUD inc. GST

PetSmart: Buy Pit'r Pat Fresh Breath Mint Flavored Cat Treats - Mini fish-shaped breath fresheners in a tin.

This review is from: Chomp Pit'r Pat Liver Flavor Tasty Treats for Cats (Misc.) My cats have the worst kitty breath and when I saw these Pit'r Pats I