pressure treated wood health concerns

Pressure - treated wood batch raises health concerns - levels of arsenic 200X higher than normal (CTV Canada Web site: 8/06/03) [Editor's note: see also video

29 Jul 2003 Environmentalists have warned for some time about dangerous preservatives used to pressure treat wood for playground equipment and other

When was pressure treated wood found to present health risks? .... it is less likely to reach a level of concern at the surface of the play area.

Pesticides in Pressure - treated Wood : What are the Health Concerns ? The most toxic part of the CCA pesticide formulation is arsenic.

Chromated copper arsenate-treated wood is often referred to as pressure treated wood Burning CCA-treated wood is a serious health concern as it releases

In its risk assessments, the Agency identified risks of concern Pressure treated wood containing CCA is no longer being produced for use in most .... found around hazardous waste sites and the effects of exposure on human health .

Here in Canada, Health Canada is reviewing the safety of CCA pressure treated wood . While governments ponder this issue, each day more people are being

Hazards of pressure treated wood - Health Risks and Environmental Issues from Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients provided by Find Articles at BNET.

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewtreated wood causes a wide range of adverse health effects at low to high .... Pressure treated wood has a negligible effect on energy use in its applications. Health Considerations. Due to concerns with copper leaching and toxicity

"EPA reviewed the use of CCA in pressure treated wood extensively during the the Agency has not identified any significant health concerns from short or

13 Jan 2009 CCA -treated wood is used primarily for structures intended for outdoor I be taking when working with pressure treated wood or CCA solutions? What are the environmental hazards or concerns associated with CCA ?

Pressure Treated Lumber performance characteristics, lumber grades, average cost and installation.

A forester in Indiana got deathly sick sawing pressure - treated wood to a health concern and an environmental threat during the wood's useful life and

Suggesting people seal treated wood , I believe, is a measure to promote false The industry has been aware of the health concerns of CCA wood since at

Pressure Treated Wood . What are the health concerns ? How does the arsenic get out of the wood? Can arsenic be picked up from wood surfaces?