pressure treated wood and fish pond

For a control, I sent soil from a bed that's never been in contact with pressure - treated wood . Only the soil very close to the treated wood shows a

18 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 14 JunDying KOI/ Pond ( fish ) Off Topic Posts. pressure treated wood is poisonous and an awful thing to have.

3 Jan 2008 I don't want my bridge to rot in our wet weather, so I was thinking about pressure - treated wood . Is there a problem using this for my pond

Wooden bridges can provide a way to cross a pond or stream. specify the use of pressure - treated lumber , as well as rust resistant to fish and plants so you will want to make sure your lumber is not treated with those chemicals.

Fish tank stands help to accessorise your aquarium and make the tank look even more appealing. Pressure treated wood fish tank stands are made with cabinet facility. How to Build a Waterfall in a Fish Pond · Fish Pond Supplies

Pond will be 8' X 4' rectangle. I am going to use 6X6 lumber for the walls and wanted to know if the pressure treated wood will pose problems for the fish .

(Since January 1, 2004, all of the pressure - treated lumber available to copper and down into the pond's water...killing all of the fish in the process.

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Pressure treated wood is simple to interlock to create the pond . Learning how to build a cement fish pond is only useful and elegant for up to a length

The pressure treated wood simply interlocks to create the pond . high bridges are craftsman made with scandinavian pine and treated with medium oak fish

13 May 2009 Pressure treated wood should not be used ever, if keeping the environment and its inhabitants in mind, and certainly not for a fish pond .

27 Jul 2010 Does anyone know if they have different grades of pressure treated lumber . # 228433 - 07/27/10 09:40 AM Re: grades of treated wood for pond dock? Image Gallery, STOCKING A NEW POND ------, Types of fish to choose

6 Jun 2010 I could swear I read somewhere that pressure treated wood was no good for fish . I plan on building a deck and the pond will have a small

"I should have put either cement or pressure - treated wood under there to Haven't lost any fish yet, even though the pond is only about 18 inches deep.

I am sure that having pressure treated lumber in a pond would be a .... 125 gallon treated with copper, land locked, Saltwater Fish Only &